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Fire Detection Tube
  • Fire Detection TubeFire Detection Tube
  • Fire Detection TubeFire Detection Tube
  • Fire Detection TubeFire Detection Tube
  • Fire Detection TubeFire Detection Tube

Fire Detection Tube

As a professional plastic tube manufacturer, LANG CHI will provide you with reasonably priced and high-quality fire detection tube. Our products have ISO9001 and IATF16949 certifications and have a large inventory. You can rest assured to purchase the plastic tubes you need from our factory.

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Product Description

LANG CHI's advanced fire detection tube is a pressurized non-metallic hose that can automatically detect fires, activate fire extinguishing devices, and deliver extinguishing agents. Its working principle is to place the fire detection tube close to or above the most likely location of the fire source, while relying on many detection points (linear) along the fire detection tube for detection. Once on fire, the fire detection tube is softened and burst at the highest heating temperature, releasing the extinguishing medium to the protected area through the fire detection tube itself (direct system) or the nozzle (indirect system). Among them, the fire detection tube is a new variety developed in the high-tech field and is a high-tech non-metallic composite product. It integrates long-term leak resistance, flexibility, and effective temperature sensitivity, exploding within a certain temperature range, spraying fire extinguishing media, or transmitting fire signals.

Advantages of fire detection tubes:

1. 1. No power supply required, including batteries.

2. No need to design and install an electronic alarm control system.

3. The fire detection device itself integrates fire detection and extinguishing.

4. The fire detection tube is flexible and can extend into various narrow and complex flammable spaces and equipment.

5. It is not affected by environmental temperature, humidity, dust, grease, or electromagnetic interference, and will not give false alarms or false starts, making it very reliable.

6. Depending on the type of fire, different extinguishing agents such as carbon dioxide, heptafluoropropane, and various dry powders can be added.

7. It can realize close distance, point-to-point (extinguishing agent spray and ignition point) fire extinguishing, fast and timely.

8. The amount of fire extinguishing agent used is small (gas fire extinguishing agent can be reduced by 80%), and the cost of purchase and maintenance is low.

Product Parameter


Fire detection tube


Special modified polymer


Air, water, perfluorohexane, heptafluoropropane, etc

Melting point


Maximum working pressure(at 20℃)



Customized size


Customized color


Automobile manufacturing, industrial automation, food machinery, medical, semiconductor and other industries.

Product Feature And Application

Feature: This LANG CHI fire detection tube has good flexibility, environmental protection, safety, low cost, simple design, and convenient installation.

Application: It can be used as a fire detection and alarm component, as well as a pipeline for conveying and spraying fire extinguishing agents, which is convenient to use and can reduce costs.

Production Details

LANG CHI fire detection tube is flexible and not affected by any position. It can extend into various narrow and complex flammable spaces or equipment. The design is simple, the installation is easy, and it does not occupy the limited space of users, without the need for additional gas cylinder rooms. When the system releases the fire extinguishing agent, there is white frost on the bottle or other metal components, which is caused by the fast release of the fire extinguishing agent and the large temperature difference between the inside of the bottle and the indoor environment. This is a normal phenomenon and will naturally return to normal after release.

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