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What is the material of polyurethane pipe


The material of polyurethane insulation pipe is polyurethane foam, its main components are isocyanate, polyether polyol and catalyst, etc., through the reaction to produce polyurethane foam material. Polyurethane foam has good thermal insulation properties, mechanical strength and waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

Performance analysis of polyurethane insulation pipeline:

1. Insulation performance: polyurethane foam has good insulation performance, which can effectively reduce pipeline heat loss and reduce energy consumption.

2. Mechanical strength: polyurethane foam has good mechanical strength, can withstand a certain external force and pressure, is not easy to deformation, protect the pipeline from damage.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: polyurethane foam has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can effectively prevent water vapor penetration and protect the pipeline from moisture.

4. Convenient construction: polyurethane foam construction is simple, can be directly made and installed on site, saving time and cost.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving: polyurethane foam material is environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances, meets the national environmental protection requirements, has energy saving effect, can reduce carbon emissions.

In short, the material and performance of polyurethane insulation pipeline have the advantages of good insulation, waterproof, mechanical strength, environmental protection and energy saving, and is an excellent pipeline insulation material.

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