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How to use PA6 nylon tube?


Nylon corrugated hose is a corrugated pipe made of PA6 nylon or PA12 nylon, which protects wires and cables from external damage and can improve the appearance of bending and entering cables.

Here is how to use nylon corrugated hose correctly

1, if the tube water, please use intubation, if not use intubation, the tube may fall off.

2, please use the pipe above the minimum bending radius.

3, when installing the pipe on the fast plug, the section of the pipe should be vertical, the outer circumference of the pipe can not have scars, can not become oval.

4. Do not let the hose rub and wind the pipe. This could cause the pipe to break.

5, when the pipe is used, if there is chemical gas in the working environment, it may cause the pipe to crack.

6, when the pipe is used, such as the temperature of the working environment is too high, it may affect the working pressure and even make the pipe break

7, do not forcibly pull, twist the tube, otherwise it will make the hose burst, so as not to damage. Hot water or medium oil, please use heat pipe, otherwise there will be the possibility of aging caused by rupture.

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