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FEP tube and PFA tube difference


PFA pipe and FEP pipe are a type of fluorine plastic pipe, often used in chemical, medical, semiconductor and solar photovoltaic and other high-tech fields to transport corrosive media, high temperature liquids. PFA tubes and FEP tubes look similar from the appearance, people are easy to confuse them, because the price of FEP tubes is much cheaper than PFA tubes, so some bad traders will take FEP tubes as PFA tubes to sell. In fact, they are different in material properties, uses and characteristics.

To distinguish PFA tubes and FEP tubes, you can consider the following aspects:

1. Appearance transparency:

PFA tubes are usually translucent.

FEP tubes are more transparent than PFA tubes.

2, mechanical properties (flexibility) :

PFA tubes are harder and more durable.

FEP tubes are softer and more fragile than PFA tubes.

3, high temperature resistance:

PFA tube has higher thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures of 260 ° C.

The thermal stability of FEP tube is weak, and it can only withstand high temperature of 200℃.

4, chemical corrosion resistance:

PFA tubes have higher chemical resistance, can withstand a wider range of acid, alkali, solvent and other corrosive media, suitable for more demanding chemical environments.

FEP tubes may be relatively resistant to some corrosive substances and are not suitable for use in some special chemical environments.

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