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PA11 Nylon Tube
  • PA11 Nylon TubePA11 Nylon Tube
  • PA11 Nylon TubePA11 Nylon Tube
  • PA11 Nylon TubePA11 Nylon Tube
  • PA11 Nylon TubePA11 Nylon Tube
  • PA11 Nylon TubePA11 Nylon Tube

PA11 Nylon Tube

LANG CHI as a professional PA11 nylon tube manufacturer, you can rest assured to buy different types of tubes and hoses from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

This LANG CHI easy-maintainable PA11 nylon tube is a thermoplastic resin tube with good mechanical properties, which can transport air, water, oil, corrosive media, etc.It has the advantages of light weight, low water absorption, good oil resistance, temperature resistance, and easy processing.

good wear resistant,it can be used in conditions with sand, stones, and iron filings.

Here are some of its advantages:

• Smooth surface, rust and scale resistant.

• Soft and easy to bend, when a certain shape is needed, it can be made into various shapes like a metal tube.

• Anti fatigue, impact resistant, able to withstand external impacts during assembly and use, without causing pipe loosening and fracture.

• Easy to install, simple to process, without the need for complex equipment and tooling.

• Capable of withstanding the corrosion of many chemical substances and has a long service life.

• Good temperature resistance,its working temperature from -40 ℃ to 100 ℃.

PA11 nylon tube is widely used in automotive air brake pipelines, automotive oil pipes, as well as connecting pipelines for tractors, trailers, container transport vehicles, and various air brakes. With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high-performance of electronic and electrical equipment, and the process of lightweight mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon tubes will be greater.


1. Do not let the tube rub or wrap, as it may cause the tube to break.

2. If there are chemical gases in the working environment, it may cause the tubes to crack.

3. The temperature of the working environment is too high, which may affect the working pressure and even cause tube breakage.

4. Please do not apply tensile or twisting loads to the tubes, as this may cause them to break, detach, and be damaged.

Product Parameter


PA11 Nylon Tube






Air,water,oil,general corrosive media

Fluid temperature


Maximum working pressure(at 20℃)



Customized size


Customized color


Automobile manufacturing, industrial automation, food machinery, medical, semiconductor and other industries.

Product Feature And Application

Feature: PA11 nylon tube has excellent oil resistance, aging resistance, climate resistance, and good resistance to general corrosive fluids.

Application: Applied to automotive oil pipes, volatile solvent delivery pipes, etc.

Production Details

As shown in the figure, PA11 nylon tube is available in blue, yellow, green, red, white, black, and multiple colors to choose from.

Packaging: boxed or rolled, the packaging is sturdy and there is no need to worry about damage during transportation (it can also be packaged according to customer requirements).

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