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PA66 Nylon Tube
  • PA66 Nylon TubePA66 Nylon Tube
  • PA66 Nylon TubePA66 Nylon Tube
  • PA66 Nylon TubePA66 Nylon Tube
  • PA66 Nylon TubePA66 Nylon Tube

PA66 Nylon Tube

Ningbo Langchi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier who mainly produces high quality PA66 Nylon Tube. We not only provide customers with cost-effective products, but also continuously develop new products according to the latest requirements of customers to meet the application requirements of various industries. Our strict process and high quality raw material make it easy to pass ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality system certification. Welcome to contact us.

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Product Description

This LANG CHI durable PA66 nylon tube is widely used in various industries. Such as light truck,air brake hose in car,power steering hose; forklift truck,loading care excavator,crane,ships,engineering machinery and control system line, etc.

Material properties: Nylon PA66 is a thermoplastic resin that is insoluble in general solvents. It is the most mechanically strong and widely used variety in the nylon series. The tensile strength, surface hardness, and stiffness are all higher than other nylon plastics. Due to its high crystallinity, it has high rigidity and heat resistance.

The following are the advantages of PA66 nylon tube:

1. The tube wall is thick, uniform, smooth, low fluid resistance.

2. Durable to high and low temperature, not afraid of harsh environments, adaptable to temperature differences in various regions, with operating temperature ranging from -40 ℃ to 135 ℃.

3. Beautiful appearance, non-toxic and odorless, lightweight and flexible, impact resistant, thick and uniform pipe wall, not easy to burst.

4. High concentricity, uniform thickness.

5. High mechanical strength, tensile resistance, compressive strength.

6. Excellent fatigue resistance, the product can still maintain its original mechanical strength after repeated bending.

7. Smooth surface, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong resistance to general acids and alkalis.


PA66 nylon tube has high hardness and cannot be bent forcefully, as it will produce creases.

Product Parameter


PA66 nylontube






Air,water,oil,general acid and alkali

Fluid temperature


Maximum working pressure(at 20℃)



Customized size


Customized color


Automobile manufacturing, industrial automation, food machinery, medical, semiconductor and other industries.

Product Feature And Application

Feature: PA66 nylon tube has high hardness, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance.

Application: It is suitable for air, water, chemical material lubrication, instrument line, irrigation control system, automobile accessories, fuel transfer tube, static electrostatic insulators and so on.

Production Details

Select raw materials with a hard texture, not easily worn, smooth surface, and no burrs.

Fine craftsmanship, advanced production technology, standard measurement, and smooth cutting surface.

Multiple specifications and colors can be customized, or customized according to customer samples and pictures.

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