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Anti Static PFA Tube
  • Anti Static PFA TubeAnti Static PFA Tube
  • Anti Static PFA TubeAnti Static PFA Tube
  • Anti Static PFA TubeAnti Static PFA Tube

Anti Static PFA Tube

LANG CHI is a large-scale Anti static PFA tube manufacturer and supplier in China. Over the years, we have been committed to researching and producing anti-static PFA tubes. In addition, we also specialize in producing various plastic tubes and special-shaped tubes. Our products include PU tube, PA nylon tube, PE tube, PVC tube, high-purity PFA tube, anti-static PFA tube, FEP tube, PTFE tube, EVA tube, fire detection tube, spiral tube, multi row tube, etc. We have always chosen the best raw materials for production, so LANG CHI plastic tubes have better quality and longer service life than ordinary plastic tubes. Our products are not only popular in China, but also exported to countries such as South Korea, Argentina, Russia, the United States, Australia, India, etc., and are highly welcomed by domestic and foreign customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

This advanced Anti static PFA tube is the latest invention of LANG CHI. It has been designed to meet most demanding semiconductor industry requirements. The surface of the anti-static PFA tube has a PFA conductive strip, which has excellent fire prevention due to its shielding effect. Especially, it can prevent combustion caused by sparks generated by friction between combustible gases flowing in the air and the outer wall of the tube. The anti-static PFA tube has the following characteristics:

1. The surface of the PFA tube has striped conductive parts.

2. The shielding effect of the conductive PFA part can prevent fire accidents caused by spark discharge caused by friction between combustible gases and the surface of the pipe. It can prevent dielectric breakdown caused by discharge in insulation environment.

3. Compared to metal wires and mesh, there is no need to worry about corrosion.

4. Fluoride ions precipitate less in chemical solutions, resulting in lower permeability and retention of the drug solution.

5. Having the same chemical and heat resistance as PFA tubes.

Application industry:

Semiconductor and processing equipment industry: Transporting high-purity chemicals and gases, such environments often involve highly flammable organic solutions, such as mold release agents, acetone, isopropanol, and diluents.

Electrical equipment industry: Transporting high-purity chemicals and gases, which is sensitive to electrostatic interference in this environment.

As an alternative to PFA tubes with conductive coatings.

2.Product Parameter


Anti static PFA tube


Surface conductive part: Conductive PFA (fluororesin)

Part in contact with liquid: PFA


Air, pure water, oil, strong acid, strong alkali

Fluid temperature


Maximum working pressure(at 20℃)

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Customized size


Customized color


Automobile manufacturing, industrial automation, food machinery, medical, semiconductor and other industries.

3. Product Feature And Application

Feature: LANG CHI Anti static PFA tube can prevent spark discharge, lead to ignition danger, prevent tube insulation damage caused by discharge from the electrical insulation environment, fluorine ion precipitation in the chemical solution is less, the penetration and retention of the liquid is small, with PFA the same chemical resistance, heat resistance. Compared with wire or wire mesh covering, there is no need to worry about corrosion, save the trouble of covering operation, and there is no danger of grounding due tothe deviation of the coating.  

Application: Semiconductor industry,electronic equipment, etc.

4. Production Details

The surface of the anti-static PFA tube is composed of multiple PFA conductive strips, and the tube has high transparency. Please consult our company for specific specifications, dimensions, lengths, and other details.

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